Special Foreword

In today’s society, strong leadership is a trait that is deeply needed yet too seldom found. When used to its full potential, effective leadership can have a tremendous impact on a community, a state, and the country. That is exactly what the individuals profiled in Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada have done. Their moral influence and responsible work ethics have elevated and enriched our community and our lives.

We have seen our once-small community develop into a thriving metropolis, visited by some thirty million people every year from around the world. In fact, Southern Nevada is so appealing, that each month thousands of people choose to make it their home.

Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada, profiles hundreds of men from all walks of life who have made this growth possible and have helped mold our community into a better place to live.

This book, serves as an inspiration to a younger generation who will, I hope, one day step into similar leadership roles. This volume also stands as a testament to the high quality of leadership and service we have made a tradition in Southern Nevada.

Nevadans benefit daily from the contributions of these outstanding men, and it is only fitting that they be recognized in a publication such as this. These living examples of excellence in leadership and life should be respected and emulated by all who read these pages.

United States Senator Harry Reid

Special Foreword

I am truly honored and delighted to be associated with the Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada’s annual publication. Nevada’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit has provided excellent opportunities for women in our state to excel and serve in leadership roles in both the private and public sectors.

Whether they are successful in business, the head of a household or intimately involved in political or community activities, the women profiled in the following pages are proven leaders. They provide our younger generation the inspiration to become productive members of our Nevada community.

As Southern Nevada continues to grow, women will continue to play a vital role in the overall development of the community on a broad range of issues. We are the decision-makers of the future! What better example could I provide than the women described in this publication. They are positive role models who have made a difference through their commitment and dedication to the Southern Nevada community.

I would encourage all that read these pages to join me in thanking these outstanding women in their contributions and congratulating them on their accomplishments.

Lorraine T. Hunt Lieutenant Governor, State of Nevada

Special Foreword

It’s certainly a pleasure and honor for me to be associated with this year’s edition of Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada. These pages contain profiles of those who have established themselves and contributed to our community through their talents in a wide range of professional fields. They come from diverse backgrounds and unique experiences but share something very important: they call Nevada home and enrich our state through their contributions.

As Nevada begins a new millennium, we will look to our communities’ leaders to help us meet the challenges ahead. In the areas of education, business, medicine, technology, and politics, leaders will emerge whose vision and dedication will shape our state for years to come. Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada provides a look at those who are already on their way to making their mark on the future of Nevada.

This volume is further proof that southern Nevada is home to a remarkable wealth of talent, expertise, and leadership. I want to express my thanks and admiration to those who work so hard to make this edition possible.

Governor Kenny Guinn State of Nevada

Special Foreword

Nevada in general, and Southern Nevada in particular, has been the
focus of enormous change over the past several decades. It looks like
this will continue far into the future. Those that you will see in the
ensuing pages have played, and no doubt will continue to play, an
enormous role in the shaping of lives, the shaping of a community,
and, indeed, a state, if not a nation.

When one looks back, one sees a state with a rough and tumble
history of booms and busts. The overriding theme, however, is a
place where individuals and individuality is treasured and fostered.
There is a certain mystique that still exists today. Just as there has
been an on-going “can do” attitude that leaders must possess.

It takes courage, persistence, positiveness, decisiveness and
commitment to help build anything. I was always taught that one
didn’t have a right to complain unless one was willing to do
something about it. In turn, what you have in this volume, and in
Nevada, are a lot of doers rather than complainers.

I am also fond of saying that ours is a special place to live because it
is still a place where anyone who wants to, can be on a first-name
basis with decision makers. It is a place where one can have access,
where one can have an impact, and where one can make a difference.

In the end, Southern Nevada, as well as the rest of the state, will be
what we make it. I hope you enjoy this visit with some of the most
distinguished women who have made, and will continue to make that

Frankie Sue Del Papa Attorney General State of Nevada

Special Foreword

It is an honor for me to participate in the 2002 Distinguished Women and Men in Southern Nevada directory and to address the accomplished community members represented in these pages.

This is an appropriate time to recognize the leaders of southern Nevada who work tirelessly to make our community a better place in which to work, live and raise our families. Although we are still nursing the wounds inflicted on our country on September 11, 2001, the pillars of southern Nevada-our distinguished community members-continue to lead us.

As a nation, we have faced difficult circumstances in the last six months-terrorism, tragedy, fear, and war. As a nation, we rose to the occasion. Now, more than half a year after the attack, comes a critical point in determining the future course of our country. I think we can all agree that the events of September 11, as tragic as they were, brought our nation to an all-time spiritual and patriotic high. As time has passed though, fewer flags fly, more annoyances arise from heightened security, and we slowly emerge from the shadow cast by September 11.

As our nation heals and more time passes, you, our community leaders, will play an increasing role in shaping our nation. In every community across this country, southern Nevada included, a crucial determination is being made. We can either revert to the division and complacency of September 10, or we can continue down a path of unity, concern for one another, and pride for our communities and our country.

Knowing of your achievements, the answer is simple. I share a quote with you that originally inspired me to run for public office in the hope that you are moved and encouraged to continue your good work and help others see the benefit of working to better our community. Chaplain Lloyd Ogilvie once said, “You may only make a small difference, but that does not relieve you of the responsibility to make that difference.”

God bless you.

John Ensign United States Senator

Special Foreword

As Mayor and the first woman elected official for the City of Las Vegas, I am pleased to be a part of the fourth edition of the Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada.

I ran for public office to make a visible difference; to demonstrate the need for change in government and to demonstrate that a woman could lead that change. The more our society sees women leadership positions, the greater the opportunity will be for our daughters. You are the mentors of our future leaders.

Across America women are being recognized for their tremendous contributions and impact on business, government, education and community. Today, it has become clear that in a constantly changing, global environment, the non-traditional ways that women lead and motivate are key to tomorrow’s success.

The women listed in this book represent an enormous amount of collective power, influence and wealth of ideas that are our future. Individually, and more importantly collectively, we have a unique opportunity to make a significant difference to critical issues facing our community and nation.

Mayor Jan Laverty Jones City of Las Vegas

Noteable Foreword

Las Vegas is on the cusp of celebrating its centennial anniversary. From humble beginnings we have accomplished the incredible. Las Vegans of pride, strong work ethic and passion are what has created the Las Vegas we know and love today. This book, 25 Notable Las Vegas Woman, is a collection of stories and biographies of women who have made a distinct positive impression in our community. It is a record of accomplished women who have made outstanding contributions to their city. This illustrated edition serves an important value in preserving a part of our history for generations to come.

These women each have a unique story. As you read through these pages, however, you will find some common but critical characteristics these women share. They are leaders in their own right, accomplished, dedicated and have a sense of obligation to improve our community. They are women who work in humanitarian efforts, believe in civic contributions and come from all walks of life. It is a life history that explains how a person can grow and succeed. Through their leadership, we have all benefited in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city that is growing at a rapid pace, but this book records how it is still true that one person can make a difference and collectively we benefit.

I hope this book will serve as inspiration to those who follow in these women’s footsteps. It will be sent to libraries throughout the state of Nevada, as well as the Library of Congress. It is important that we celebrate the women who have worked so diligently in creating a city that is world-class.

Mayor Oscar B. Goodman City of Las Vegas

Special Foreword

I am doubly honored, first to be included in the company of the outstanding women featured in this volume and second to be invited to write an introduction to the 1997 edition.

Indeed, the women highlighted in the following pages have come a long way since Emily Post wrote, “She must not swing her arms as though they were dangling ropes; she must not switch herself this way or that; she must not shout; and she must not, while wearing her bridal veil, smoke a cigarette.

Professionally, women have made great progress in attaining management jobs; in 1995 there were 7.3 million women employed in executive, administrative and managerial occupations. They hold 48% of all such positions in the U.S. and sit on the boards of directors for over 60% of the Fortune 1000 companies. In Nevada last year, women owned 37% of all businesses which generated $3.6 billion in sales and receipts. Women have also increased in number among medical and law school graduates.

As woman have successfully climbed the economic ladder, so has their political clout increased. Not only are women voting in higher numbers, they are also having greater success as political candidates. In 1996 the number of women in Congress reached an all time high with nine in the Senate and fifty-one in the House. In Nevada, 33.3% of state legislators are women, making this state the fourth highest in the country. Furthermore, a recent survey by the Freedom Forum of Vanderbilt University showed one in four Americans believes a woman will be elected president within the next two election cycles; and two-thirds of those surveyed said a woman will be elected to the nation’s top political job in 20 years or less.

While women, albeit often overlooked and/or underestimated, have always contributed greatly to the development of Southern Nevada, they clearly are playing an increasingly important public role through their economic success and civic participation, their vocations and avocations, their professions and volunteer efforts. Meanwhile, they amazingly manage to rear children, sustain marriages, tend to elderly parents, and host elaborate dinner parties. But in so doing, it is critical for them to remember that they must share themselves, their knowledge, and their experiences; they must mentor those young women hoping to follow in their footsteps. For as Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” And we all need each other’s help to become good ones.

Senator Dina Titus State of Nevada

Special Foreword

It is a great pleasure for me to contribute to a publication that tells the stories of Nevada’s most admirable men. Books such as Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada are valuable in telling the story of Nevada’s history and its celebrated citizens.

The growth and spirit of Southern Nevada is something to be recognized, and with this spirit comes the innovations and new ideas of it’s leaders. The talent and charisma of these professionals is told in this remarkable collection. Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada tells the stories of the achievements and contributions of men to Southern Nevada. Their hard work and sacrifice has made possible the success of our community.

This book is an informative way for everyone to enjoy and learn about leaders in the Silver State. It brings to these individuals the respect and admiration they deserve. More importantly, this book provides young people access to the lives of heroes they had only dreamt about and gives them a sense that they can accomplish, what these great men in Southern Nevada have accomplished.

I am certain that when this publication is read in businesses, libraries and homes in Nevada and across the country, all who read it will recognize the outstanding contributions of the many distinguished men featured in this book.

Richard H. Bryan United States Senator

Special Foreward

I’m certain that Nevadans will recognize this inaugural edition of Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada as a valuable community resource. The outstanding individuals recognized in this volume come from many professions, and hail from diverse backgrounds. But they all have two qualities in common. Without exception, these men have given of their time, talent, and resources to build their communities. And each has provided a rare commodity: strong, effective leadership.

Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada calls attention to the type of person we should emulate. Here are more than 325 profiles of achievers whose accomplishments and personal values will inspire others by their example. This book will be a powerful motivator for the younger reader; he or she will identify real-life heroes right here in Southern Nevada.

This volume is proof that Southern Nevada is home to many of the best and the brightest individuals in the country, and it’s further evidence that ours is a fertile valley of talent, creativity, service—and leadership.

Governor Bob Miller State of Nevada

To Carole, A Woman of Distinction

I know I speak for the women of Southern Nevada when I thank Carole for her time and her effort to recognize the contributions made by woman in Nevada today.

Carole herself is what every mother wishes for in her own daughter. She is a lovely – very caring – successful professional lady.

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to pay tribute to Carole for being an outstanding example to us all

Ann O'Connell State Senator


As I pause and reflect on this past year, a year of growth and prosperity, I am impressed with the progress women have made. I marvel at how women balance their tough schedules, despite the many challenges of business, community activities, home and family-and do it well!

Since the inception of Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada in 1988, we have proven ourselves a strong, vital network of women. The Southern Nevada community has felt our impact in business, education, government, the arts, and community programs. This indicates a growth not only in numbers and strength, but awareness on a state and national level.

The issues facing women are the same today. By establishing ambitious endeavors like the Distinguished Women mega-networking system, even greater strides can be made by women each year. We can expand our efforts. We must support the interests of women and encourage women to network with women in business.

Power belongs to those who make a difference. I will continue to meet that challenge and further the on going progress of women through the Distinguished Women system. My goal is to establish a national network of Distinguished Women brought together to strengthen our common bond.

The publishing of this ambitious endeavor required women to generously give of their time to this collective effort. My deep felt thanks to each of the 1991 Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada who participated in and supported this directory.

Carole Bellmyre President

Preface 2014

I am pleased and humbled to both introduce and be included in this very special 16th edition of Distinguished Women in Nevada. The outstanding women featured in these pages and in previous editions over the years represent the very best Nevada has to offer in the arts, business, education, technology, and public service – what incredible company to be in. To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, if we can see further and reach higher it is because we are standing on the shoulders of giants, those brave women who have gone before us, who paved the way, set the standards, opened closed doors, and shattered glass ceilings. We all owe them a great debt of gratitude.
The women honored herein do not ask for recognition or thanks for their service. They do what they do selflessly, tirelessly, compassionately, because it is the right thing to do. They do it to help others, to build companies and communities, and to make our world a better place than they found it. Simply put, they lead. I admire these incredible women, respect them, and join my fellow Nevadans in thanking them for being true heroes and wonderful role models.

Congresswoman Dina Titus State of Nevada