Tony Alamo

Medical Director

Born in Reno and raised in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Tony Alamo is a man of many talents: husband and father, physician, commissioner, pilot, and entrepreneur to name just a few.  His town may be well known for its glitz and glamour, but he is helping to strengthen its foundations by taking leadership roles in governance and healthcare.

Dr. Alamo has a deep appreciation of the importance of building his community, by helping shape it and giving back to it.  He has served on the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), and was recently reappointed to the Nevada State Gaming Commission by Governor Brian Sandoval for a second, four year term.  He served as the chief of staff of two
hospitals: Sunrise Hospital and Children’s Medical Center (the largest hospital in the State of Nevada) in 2002-04; and San Martin St. Rose Hospital 2006-09.  As a physician leader, he
helped remedy a local medical malpractice crisis while serving on the Medical Liability Task Force.  Additionally, he is an organizer/director of the FDIC chartered community bank, called Bank of George.

During his 7 year tenure on the NSAC, Dr. Alamo served as its chairman and had the privilege of sanctioning the largest bout in boxing history – Oscar Del Hoya versus Floyd Mayweather, in May 2007.  He also addressed many other interesting and difficult decisions; the most notable being the denial for licensure of Mike Tyson in January, 2002.  During this time, he also coauthored a paper in the Journal of Neurotrauma regarding traumatic brain injury in unarmed combatants. Prior to serving on the NSAC, Dr. Alamo served as chairman of its Medical Advisory Board, where he was instrumental in mandating hepatitis testing in all athletes.  He also worked as ring physician for numerous world-class title bouts.

Dr. Alamo also has very specialized training in Tactical Trauma/Medicine and is currently a tactical physician for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SWAT Bureau.  He has served in this capacity for nearly 14 years and must maintain a high level of fitness in order to pass the rigorous obstacle course test required to hold the position.  In April of 2006, he was the first civilian awarded the “Medal of Unit Valor,” for Valorous Conduct, in a hostage barricade situation.  The Bureau had previously only given this award to commissioned police officers.

A native born, bilingual Nevadan, Dr. Alamo has a strong work ethic, which was instilled in him by his Cuban parents.  His father, Tony Alamo Sr., worked long and hard to make his way up to the top ranks of casino management in Las Vegas.  Although it was sometimes hard to find a great deal of personal time with his son, the time they did spend together was always maximized – frequently focusing on the importance of a good education and having a plan in life which allows you to control your destiny and give back to those who helped you along the way.  Alamo Sr. definitely believed education was his children’s ticket to success.

When reminiscing about his years in medical school, Dr. Alamo likes to relate how during the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992, all the ATM machines went offline.  The students on campus had no way to get the money they needed for food and other necessities.  Being a kid from Las Vegas, Dr. Alamo always carried cash, so fortunately for his classmates, he was able
to become their ATM machine for a few tense days.

Dr. Alamo resides in the city of Henderson with his wife, Karen, and 13 year-old-son Anthony Michael.  He is an accomplished pilot, currently holding a Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument rating, and enjoys flying across the southwestern United States with his family in his Seneca V twin engine airplane.   He also enjoys off-road desert motor cross, when his busy schedule permits.

In his physician practice, Dr. Alamo is currently medical director of the Alamo Medical Clinic and specializes in internal medicine.  He has maintained close ties with other Keck
School alumni in the area and helped to organize a patient referral network among Keck School trained physicians.
Dr. Alamo truly valued his education and believes it’s a sure bet that, “Doctors from USC get more experience during their medical school training than most doctors get in a lifetime of practice.”

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