Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Robert Ziems is the Executive Vice President & General Counsel for Aruze Gaming America, Inc. (“Aruze Gaming”) and also serves as its Compliance Officer. Aruze Gaming is a global entertainment company that designs, develops, and manufactures slot machines and gaming devices for the global casino market. Robert is responsible for corporate legal matters, regulatory and technical compliance, human resources, risk management, and information technology.

Robert is admitted to practice law in the State of Nevada and the Commonwealth of Virginia. He graduated from Drake University School of Law and earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida.

Robert has been a Nevada attorney for nearly 20 years. Robert has served as in-house counsel for gaming industry corporations for most of his professional career. In 1999, Rob started in the gaming industry as an Associate General Counsel with Station Casinos, Inc. From there, he served as the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for M-CAM, Inc., a Virginia-based intellectual property valuation firm. Later, he returned to the gaming industry as Associate General Counsel with Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. and went on to the role of Director of IP licensing and Associate General Counsel for Progressive Gaming International Corporation (“PGIC”). Soon after, Robert became Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for PGIC.

Robert is passionate about the gaming industry and has had the pleasure of working in and promoting the industry around the world. His work has provided him the opportunity to travel throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia where he has been involved in various business, legal and regulatory matters. Nevada continues to hold the reputation as the epicenter of many gaming activities and is viewed as the pioneer in creating the greatest regulatory structure for the industry. It is with great pride that Robert refers to himself as a global gaming attorney from Nevada.

Robert takes great pride in his two wonderful children, Remi Ziems and Daniel Ziems.

“It goes without saying that the gaming industry is an important aspect of Nevada’s history, culture, and future. And Nevada’s successful approach to the regulation and business of gaming has served as the gold-standard for the rest of the world. I am proud to be a Nevadan and to be raising my children as Nevadans. It is my privilege to be part of an international gaming equipment manufacturer that has had roots in Nevada for over 30 years and that has served both Nevada and the global gaming industry for so long.”

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