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Lucy Stewart


The term “good stewardship” is often used when discussing how best to use Nevada’s land and water, and Lucy Stewart is the person many have always turned to for her excellent leadership and experience in this area.

Since 1999, Ms. Stewart has been a high level consultant who provides strategic and political advice on zoning, new communities, bridge financing, water issues and land use applications.  Because of her expertise in these and related areas, she is certified as an expert witness in land use by the Clark County District Court.

From 1997 to 1999, she was appointed by the Governor and served our community in the capacity of Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission for the state of Nevada.  In this capacity, she gained a breadth and depth of understanding of the complexities of issues such as policy guidance of utility regulatory issues, adjudication of contested matters and the identification of emerging issues.  In other words, she learned to deal with complicated issues in the present while also planning for the future.

Originally from Texas, Lucy Stewart has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stephan F. Austin State University, with the twin majors of Criminal Justice and Political Science.  And to this day, she brings her no-nonsense Texan’s style in dealing with tough community issues, for her clients, and for the community.

She began her lifetime of community service in 1981 as Chief Planner in Plano, Texas, in charge of Current Planning.  There, she met with developers, contractors and consultants to discuss future applications and potential zoning on parcels.  This has given her over three decades of experience and she is often referred to as the “Queen of Zoning” in Las Vegas, since she knows how to successfully blend business goals with government concerns, in her lifelong devotion to the best use of land.

As busy as she has always been, Lucy Stewart always finds time and energy for her devotion to many charities.  She has served on boards for the Arthritis Foundation, The MS Society, the American Heart Association, Opportunity Village, and every year, she donates her time, for the last decade, as a camp counselor at Camp Sol, a camp for children with arthritis.  She even uses Christmas as an opportunity to help charities, hosting parties for years where anyone arriving must bring a present or donation for the less fortunate in our state.  And she rarely finds a stray cat or dog, without taking time to find it a home.  Her love of animals is legendary among those who know her.  With Lucy Stewart, you get a brain and a heart.  As an extra bonus, she’s beautiful and is the center of the fun at any party.

So when we see an empty lot or a stretch of sandy desert, Lucy Stewart sees the future there and she helps create it.  And in the meantime, Lucy Stewart devotes her time to many charities all adding up to an important Nevada woman always making a difference.

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