Janet Fraiser-Blumen

Chief Executive Officer/Founder


Since 1997, Ms. Blumen has been the chief executive officer & founder of Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT), which was established in 1997 as a non-profit organization and provides unparalleled workforce development to the southern Nevada community.  FIT provides specialized training, case management, support services, on-the-job training and whatever else it takes to the people of southern Nevada employed in a job that can support themselves and their families without public assistance.  In the last three years
alone, FIT has helped 1,270 people get jobs. FIT empowers motivated, unemployed and underemployed Nevadans through individual mentoring, resources and support for education, training and employment preparation.  FIT clients gain: Better jobs.  Brighter futures.

Previously, Ms. Blumen had been an attorney for a private practice in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1984-97, until joining FIT.  Prior to that, she had also served as chairman for the Colorado River Commission in Las Vegas from 1990-97.

Her memberships include: Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow, chairman of the board, 1997-Present; Nevada State Bar Association, Committee on Moral Character and Fitness, 1996-Present; International Women’s Forum, 1984-97; Nevada & Clark County Bar Association, 1997-Present; and the Oklahoma Bar Association, 1975-Present.

Ms. Blumen has also been honored with various awards which include: “Most Influential Businesswoman in Southern Nevada,” by In Business, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2003; “Evening Star Tribute,” by the Nevada Broadcasters Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1997; was inducted into the “Annenburg Hall of Fame,” by the Advertising Federation, Las Vegas, Nevada,
1995; granted “Broadcaster of the Year,” from the Nevada Broadcasters Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1994; and was also honored with the “Silver Gavel Award,” by the American Bar Association, Washington, D.C., 1985.

Her many talents also include co-authoring the publication, Avoiding Teacher Malpractice; a practical legal handbook for the teaching professional, Hawthorne Press, 1976. Ms. Blumen achieved her B.A. in 1971, from Arizona State University and her J.D. in 1974, from the University of Tulsa.

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