Dr. Victoria Boyd



President and Founder of the GALAXY group, LLC and Center Stage Leadership, Dr. Boyd has been a driving force in education, business and non-profit arenas as educator, trainer, administrator and advocate throughout the country.  Specializing in organizational development and management training she is recognized as a leader in her field.

Dr. Boyd has been instrumental in helping numerous individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Beginning her career as a dance educator, it evolved to include roles such as a writer for the district and state curriculum, city-wide dance coordinator, professional development trainer and coordinator of numerous city and state events. Her career shifted when she accepted the position of Arts/Education Consultant for Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (Wayne RESA), serving 36 school districts and numerous charter schools. In this position she had a pivotal role as developer of professional training, teacher certification standards and other statewide educational initiatives. Concurrently, she was involved in the nonprofit sector, serving in numerous leadership capacities such as founder, board member, president and interim executive director. With this wide array of skills, her entrepreneurial spirit emerged when she launched her own company to provide services to the nonprofit and small business sectors.

Her company, the GALAXY group, LLC, focuses on and provides support to the nonprofit sector. Services range from working with startups for conceptual development to organizational assessment and training. With a passion for live training, she developed the Nuts & Bolts NPO Training series presented once each month, on a wide range of categories within nonprofit management.

Guided by her own passion for helping individuals and organizations grow, Dr. Boyd authored The Wealthy Teacher: Answering the Question, What’s Next? Influenced by the evolving environment and her personal journey, Dr. Boyd recognized that keeping passion and values as a core is a compass to guide any journey. Therefore, the book’s content supports anyone looking to answer the question, “What’s next?” Through her What’s Next? workshops and personal coaching, participants evolve through an interactive process of self-assessment to embrace an enterprising spirit and to formulate and launch an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Combining two major components, Dr. Boyd’s launched The Philantrepreneur products and services. Under this umbrella, The Philantrepreneur Magazine & Show empowers non-profits & business to build partnerships for win-win impact. Also offered is The Philantrepreneur Institute, the resource learning hub for development and services to build strong foundations in the nonprofit and entrepreneurial sectors.

A dynamic trainer and presenter, Dr. Boyd loves to share her life’s experiences and expertise. She is available for speaking engagements, live training or web-based workshops.


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