Douglas Geinzer


Mr. Douglas Geinzer serves as the chief executive officer for Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition (SNIMC).  Founded in 2002, the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition is a non-profit, 600-plus volunteer organization of healthcare professionals, consumers, committed citizens, local government representatives, educators and chamber of commerce representatives committed to improving access and delivery of medical care in southern Nevada.

SNMIC believes the status quo is not good enough, and creates annual action plans and implements hundreds of outstanding projects, bringing higher quality and more efficient healthcare to southern Nevada– while saving millions of healthcare dollars.  SNMIC’S mission is focused: To foster strategic alliances in the health care community, collaborating on workforce issues and being a proactive force for legislative initiatives to improve access and the delivery of health care in southern Nevada.  SNMIC’S vision is clear: To improve the
quality of health care and to assist in the economic diversification of southern Nevada.

Previously, Mr. Geinzer was the chief executive officer for Recruitment Specialists, Incorporated.  He is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and has been honored with several awards which include: Entrepreneur of the Year; Health Care Hero; Health Care Headliner; and Most Innovative.

He obtained his Bachelors in Criminology, Pre-Law, and Spanish and also holds a certificate in Multicultural/Multilingual University.  Mr. Geinzer also served in the US Army Reserves and Guard from 1988 through 1994.

Mr. Geinzer was born February 18, 1970, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Raymond P. Geinzer and Carol Tyler.  He is married to his wife, Martina, and together, they have one child, Alexa, born in 2009.  Mr. Geinzer has been a resident of southern Nevada since 1993.

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