Chad McCullough


Mr. McCullough is co-owner and President of Elite Media, Inc; a Las Vegas based outdoor advertising company specializing in digital advertising, wallscapes, building-wraps, billboards and taxi media. In 2002, Mr. McCullough started Elite Media based in Los Angeles and moved the company to Las Vegas in 2003, envisioning excellent advertising growth in Las Vegas. Prior to owning Elite Media, Mr. McCullough was co-owner and founder of Skywall Media, a Shanghai, China based company specializing in out-of-home media. Mr. McCullough gained his expertise in outdoor advertising working as Senior V.P. for Mango Graphics and World Wide Print in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in large format printing. Mr. McCullough’s educational background is in marketing and advertising. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s OPM (Owner, President, Management) Program. Mr. McCullough is the recipient of the 2015 SBA Nevada Business Person of the Year. Mr. McCullough was recipient of 2012 Top 40 Under 40 Las Vegas Professionals and in October 2014 was recognized as one of Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of Success.

Chad brought Elite Media to Henderson/Las Vegas from Los Angeles, when he realized Vegas’ growth phenomenon would impact all areas of business including outdoor advertising. This was a risk, as Los Angeles is a known #2 market for advertising and Las Vegas is only #50, making it almost a non-existent market for agencies and outdoor buyers. Mr. McCullough made it his mission to put Vegas on the map and traveled across the country educating agencies and outdoor buyers about the Las Vegas market. Non-existent is no longer the case, his business is one-of-a kind here in Las Vegas as the exclusive, Las Vegas based, provider of wall-scapes, building-wraps and projection media and it is now in demand. Mr. McCullough’s energetic, go-ahead attitude made advertising for convention exhibitors a MUST, and the ones that GO BIG, with Elite Media, stand out from all the rest. Because of these efforts he is now well known by all outdoor media buyers nationwide. The 100% client satisfaction record remains as the business now offers digital Parquees, billboards and taxi top media, including vehicle wraps.

Mr. McCullough is an ethical business man. He knows the importance of his reputation and keeping his word. His company mantra is Honesty, Expertise, Quality and Satisfaction. He applies these principals to his personal life as well. He has found a way to balance his professional life with raising his two children. His commitment to God and his family always come first in his life. He believes that having this area of his life in order is essential to running a successful business.

“I am proud to be a part of the State of Nevada, in particular the Parquee® Program, a public-private partnership with the City of Las Vegas. It’s the first partnership of its kind and through digital advertising we are able to drive revenue to the City without burdening the tax payers. The Parquee® Program has also allowed us to keep the City informed of important events and programs happening right now.”

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