Distinguished Women and Men Publisher Damon Damatto

A Message from the Publisher:

For the past 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and participate in the immense growth, prosperity, and collective community that have flourished in our great state. I’ve seen us expand our scope and influence in such areas as medicine, the arts, and higher education . . . all of which significantly affect our daily lives.

In 2010, I accepted the challenge to honor the leaders of this great state and joined Distinguished Publishing Company. I recognized the value of these historical books and worked as managing partner in the Distinguished series publications. I now have the opportunity as publisher to carry on a proud family business name, salute the distinguished women and men with integrity and recognize their importance by documenting their life histories.

Moving beyond the challenges of the past, we’re engaging in innovative and progressive opportunities to rebound and establish a new era of stability and pride. Though our economic experience has been long, and often difficult, Nevada is a resilient state that fosters its strengths in countless ways. We’ve done it before, and we’re doing it again. Leading the way—and leaving their imprints on the resurgence of our state—are the unique individuals who are being recognized in these momentous books. Government leaders, community builders, business professionals, and others have contributed—and continue to provide–their intelligence, creativity, insights, and resources to grow and enrich our community and our state.

The idea of recognizing these amazing people was the impetus for establishing our Distinguished Women and Men publications. Carole Bellmyre, founder of The Distinguished Women and Men series, was first inspired to document the greatness of our state’s leaders 20 years ago when she crafted her first biographic recognition. These publications chronicle the accomplishments of today’s leaders within their pages. By observing and honoring leaders, we also know the importance of fostering new decision-makers. So, in 2000 Ms. Bellmyre established the Distinguished Scholarship Fund at UNLV and CSN as a way of reaching out to financially assist Nevada students an opportunity in attaining a higher education. I will continue the tradition of promoting higher education and propose expansion into mentorship.

Throughout my years of involvement with our publications, I’ve had the privilege of working, side by side, with Ms. Bellmyre. Each day, I’ve learned something new about interacting with people by observing how she serves others with candor, respect, interest, passion, and compassion. Through her ideas and actions, Ms. Bellmyre constantly reminds me that kindness should be the seed and the essence of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This exceptional woman is my mother. And, in honoring her and her dream, I’m proud and humbled to continue publishing these books, which are so vital to our community. With this commitment, I pledge to maintain the integrity of these historic publications and the biographic profiles contained within them.

Damon Christopher